How To Control Dandelions

What Are Dandelions?

A Dandelion is a plant with flowers and flower-shaped seeds whose scientific name is Taraxacum. These are perennial weeds, which means they grow all year long, no matter the season. It grows from a thick tap root with no branches. Their leaves are basal, they don’t grow up on stems but stay at ground level. The flowers are bright yellow. It can grow up to almost 28 inches. The plants have a milky latex that can be seen if leaves or stems are broken or torn. Sometimes it is used as some kind of glue.

In general, these are very resistant weeds that can survive and propagate in almost any weather condition. Since they are so resistant and their seeds can fly several miles before landing wherever they can become a problem quite fast.

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Dandelions are originally from Eurasia, but nowadays, one can find them almost anywhere in the world since this is a weed of easy propagation, and at some point in history, people brought them to America. This is why, despite its benefits and everyday uses, it’s considered an invasive plant.

Interesting fact: every time you blow a Dandelion and make a wish, you’re propagating the seeds, so more plants will possibly grow eventually from each one of those seeds.

Why Are Dandelions Growing On My Lawn?

Dandelions are considered an invasive weed because they are non-American native plants that spread quickly as soon as they touch American soil. Also, they have a hard time trying to eradicate them. Not in vain many people consider them the toughest, hardest weed to control or eliminate from a landscape fully. That’s why removing them is ideal before they develop, bloom and grow seeds. Let’s remember every seed is a potential plant, and its roots can be very strong, so if not eliminated properly, it surely will grow again.

Dandelion seeds can travel long distances thanks to their shape (a seed with a sort of parachute, able to fly in the wind), and the chances of having Dandelion weeds in your grass are high. Let’s not forget that this invasive plant can grow healthy almost under any weather conditions. It can be the all-terrain of the weeds.

Dandelion Seeds

How To Control Dandelion

dandelionSince they have pretty strong roots and are single stem weeds, they are usually treated by pulling one by one, probably hand digging them. It is undoubtedly an exhausting task that you might want to leave to our expert hands. We, of course, count on specific pesticides and a great team to fight these unwanted weeds and make your garden look healthy and stunning.

The Truth About this Weed

It’s widely known that Dandelions have a lot of uses that can actually be good for humans, but the problem with this weed is that it eventually will interfere with the correct development of the plants or grass surrounding them, so it will be better to have them controlled and out of your garden, walls or wherever they start to grow. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this weed, you can find it almost anywhere, in any open field or even in some stores, so keeping them out of your grass will be the best decision you can make.

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